What is instance.business?


While the following still applies honestly this is mostly chosa's toybox.

Instance.business is a safe place for nonwhite people on the fediverse. It is ran by a nonbinary latinx person. We want to build a community where people feel safe and where people feel like they are apart of an actual community. While this instance is being advertised for people of the isthmus, people of the diaspora, we will not have an explicit check of background for new users. We aim to provide a platform for activists, creators, and people who want to get away from the dumpster fire on facebook and twitter. Thank you for considering our instance.

Instance dot business, it’s made for people like you.

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Code of Conduct

The going rule is two strikes for general offense and an immediate account deletion for major violations.

The following will not be tolerated on this instance:


  • Stalking; harassing; threatening; or advocating any physical, sexual, or emotional harm against individuals or groups
  • Uncivil, uncouth, or rude behaviour
  • Promotion of authoritarian forms of rule, including fascism and Stalinism (no tankies or Nazis)
  • Promotion of extreme violence, armed revolt, or murder
  • Denial of documented genocides, pogroms, or purges
  • Content that is prohibited in Germany, France, the European Union, or the United States of America
  • Any sexual content featuring anyone under 18, including artistic depictions
  • Consistent extreme trolling


  • Fascism is not allowed. Other forms of xenophobia (Mexicans posting content which is hurtful towards folks of the isthmus for example or anti-islam sentiments) are not allowed at all.


  • If someone has a condition that requires them to receive assistance, don't police them on how they speak. Speaking in a manner which further stigmatizes conditions is not allowed. Full Stop. Do not use ableist language to attack other folks.


  • Super easy, if someone tells you that they are a gender and want to be acknowledged by a certain pronoun, just fucking use it. Trans folks are humans too and will be respected as such here.


  • Obvious racism is something we can all see. Sometimes we say things or come across as racist because of internalized anti-blackness and it's important to recognize that. Racism is not tolerated. Of any kind.


  • Don't be sexist yes, but also try to think about when you post if something could be taken as sexist. You have internalized sexism and recognizing it is a good step. Sexism is not tolerated. Don't be a creep. Recognize toxic masculinity.