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@masklayer I used to shave everyday when I worked a job that required it but now that my job doesn’t the laziness has taken over

Tho beard matinence is a whole fuck

also for the love of god please no one say “activitypub podcasting” because that’s not an actual solution lmao

I mean the worst I can do is just have wasted my time so why not I guess

I like should probably embrace anchor but also at the same time I feel like everyone gets burned by leaning into Instagram/Facebook/amp/etc trend

(I mean they are but like not for white people)

Make wigs socially acceptable 2018

@ashkitten :’( tfw early age balding is a thing on both sides of ur fam so you lost out on the lottery

@ashkitten I have very Hispanic hair and it’s not fun

And I mean tbh it’ll all fall out in like 5 years so I dunno even know if there’s a point to growing it

Me wants to grow my hair out, also me: doesn’t want to deal with the awkward middle stage

I’m gonna get a haircut I’m sick of dealing with this mess

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@er1n code switching is what I do when I talk to white people this is already a thing

Fucking silly ass smile on my face wishing this boy could serenade me

frank ocean makes me so happy I’m

Happy rn