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also for the love of god please no one say “activitypub podcasting” because that’s not an actual solution lmao

I mean the worst I can do is just have wasted my time so why not I guess

I like should probably embrace anchor but also at the same time I feel like everyone gets burned by leaning into Instagram/Facebook/amp/etc trend

(I mean they are but like not for white people)

Make wigs socially acceptable 2018

Me wants to grow my hair out, also me: doesn’t want to deal with the awkward middle stage

I’m gonna get a haircut I’m sick of dealing with this mess

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Fucking silly ass smile on my face wishing this boy could serenade me

frank ocean makes me so happy I’m

Happy rn

give me cute men who will let me take the wheel

The are only a few good boys but god they’re good and I want them

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white people: please stand for the pledge of allegiance

me: BET

white people: please do not walk to your seat until the pledge/anthem is over


@Fidgetcetera holy shit I just noticed ur display name and noooooooooooo

@cq chosa takes as government policy