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@SuricrasiaOnline modern cryptobiologists agree that what are commonly referred to as "dragons" are actually several different families of convergently evolved animal groups. one, grouped with the sauropods, displays scales and feathers like their dinosaur kin. another is more closely related to the modern taxon containing snakes and lizards, displaying many traits in common with monitor lizards and large snakes. yet a third is actually a mammal group, displaying hair, feather-like fur and even mammaries

of course "reptile furry" was an unacceptable term from the get-go, especially when applied to dragons who are reptile-like, but whose exact taxonomy is unknown

the shift in usage occured in the late 1800s, just as "scalie" became the prominent term for "reptile furry" about two thirds of a century prior

fact: "fish furry" is an archaic term, the modern way to say it is "fishy"

the frame of this story is you're reading it through an archive tool like the wayback machine but I still need to make that part of it

also the repeated buttons are intentional, they're going to be broken images eventually

please point any inconsistencies or ways to make it look more authentic

I know there is an alignment issue but this is actually intentional because you'd be hard pressed to find any website back then without at least one layout/css problem

please..... I need filler data............

the frame of this story is that you're reading it through an archived version that is missing some images so the sidebar links that are repeated will become broken images when I actually put it online

send me your early-2000s website sonas and I'll add them to the sidebar of this imaginary games website as "friends of GC"

photoshop 7 is actually really fucking good