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Airport World

Experience a whopping 850 kHz with the AWC CPU 2! Upgrade at your nearest airport today!

Airport World Computing CPU 1, now in stores today!

(Warning: take caution when taking this CPU on flights, as it's a fragile item.)

As we in Russia say, 'Умный в гору не пойдет, Умный гору обойдет'.

Basically "The smart don't go uphill, the smart go around hill."

In the case of Airport World, the smart can go above hill.

Airport World presents you the Travel Guide for the Spring of 2018. You can fly places such as Suricrasia, the well-known land inhabited by Felisians and sharks.

Moreover, you could get professional touring services from Airport World with your flight. Our tours are satisfaction guaranteed, or your money back!

Contact us for how to obtain your Travel Guide for the Spring of 2018 now!

Have you ever wished to see the land of sharks?

apparently is screwed today

why is Windows Defender a good antivirus:

Contrary to other (free) antivirus like Avast! or Avira, it is not designed by Microsoft to directly profit off it, but really as a system component to make it more secure. It has no ads and it's not begging you to renew your license.

> Oh, and bring a fursuit to keep warm.


Face Urbahfec's beautiful visage with Airport World, your #1 source for randomly generated travelling. Oh, and bring a fursuit to keep warm.

The Airport Gazette is a newspaper in the something-making spirit. We're going to feature random curiosities that are something we make.

But what is the Airport Gazette? In fact, we don't really know...

> Urbahfec is a bustling city totaling 1193 residents. It is known for its unique wubju animal, which is a two-legged pentagonal. There are 108 left in the world, and they are kept in the wild - and protected, of course.

random travel generation doing well

So basically, who's into makeing a something

The minus, however, is if I *am* going to push this to prod, I'd need more than a few base items.

So, I need reporters.